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without displaying path/file:line grep


How do you use grep to just return the lines that match? i.e. the path/filename is not included in the output.

In this scenario, I want to search for the term FOO in files in the current directory.

find . -name '*.bar' -exec grep -Hn FOO {} \;

Asked by Allan Thomas

Solution #1

There’s no need to look. This should serve if you’re only looking for a pattern within a certain directory:

grep -hn FOO /your/path/*.bar

Where -h is the parameter to hide the filename, as from man grep:

Keep in mind that you were utilizing

Answered by fedorqui ‘SO stop harming’

Solution #2

Simply substitute -h for -H. For additional information on options, see man grep.

find . -name '*.bar' -exec grep -hn FOO {} \;

Answered by jkshah

Solution #3

The following is taken from the man page:

-h, --no-filename
    Suppress the prefixing of file names on output. This is the default when there
    is only one file (or only standard input) to search.

Answered by TC1

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