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With ✓ in HTML, I can make a checkmark. Is there an X-mark that corresponds to this?


Is there an X mark that corresponds to (✓)? What exactly is it?

Asked by nc.

Solution #1

✗ would be a comparable cross for ✓, I believe (Dingbats).

Answered by dommer

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Answered by Bruiser

Solution #3

When named entities are available, I like to utilize them since they make my HTML more readable. As a result, I prefer to use ✓ for and ✗ for. Try the &what search site if you’re not sure whether a named entity for the character you’re looking for exists. It contains the name of each entity, if one exists.

As indicated in the comments, HTML4 does not support ✓ and ✗, thus if you want to target the most browsers, you might be better off utilizing the more cryptic ✓ and ✗ instead. HTML4 and HTML5 were the most definitive references I could discover on the W3C website.

Answered by Don Kirkby

Solution #4

It’s located on your keyboard between the Z and the C keys.

Answered by nickf

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Answered by Chamara Indrajith

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