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Which PDF-API for PHP is the best? [closed]


Which of these PDF-APIs is the best for PHP?

Asked by coderex

Solution #1

Personally, I prefer tcpdf, which is a more advanced and well-maintained variant of fpdf.

Answered by gpilotino

Solution #2

The following is taken from the mpdf website: “mPDF is a PHP class that creates PDF files from HTML that has been encoded in UTF-8. It’s based on FPDF and HTML2FPDF, but with a few tweaks.”

In terms of language handling and UTF-8 support, mpdf outperforms FPDF. It not only enables font embedding, but also font subsetting for CJK support (so your CJK PDFs are not oversized). TCPDF and FPDF pale in comparison to mpdf’s support for UTF-8 and fonts. As of version 5.0, it even includes certain open source typefaces.

Answered by velcrow

Solution #3

This is simply a brief comparison of how fPDF compares to tcPDF in terms of performance for the most basic functionalities of each library.

2000 PDF files processed with fPDF || 2000 PDF files processed with tcPDF in 79.5982 seconds

1,860 tcPDF || 788 fPDF

The code was kept as close to the original as possible, and the result is a clean PDF file with no text. As of June 22, 2011, this is also using the most recent version of each library.

Answered by dan

Solution #4

In terms of html rendering, I found mpdf to be superior to tcpdf. It is considerably better at parsing CSS styles and creating PDFs that appear extremely similar to the source html.

Even CSS properties like border-radius and gradient are supported by mpdf.

I’m not sure why mpdf gets so little attention when it comes to converting HTML to PDF.

Check out the examples here

I used it to create invoices, receipts, and simple prints, among other things. However, according to the website, mpdf-generated pdfs are typically larger in size.

Answered by Silver Moon

Solution #5

Take a look at TCPDF. So far, I’ve found it to be the greatest.

Please see this page for a full lesson on how to use the two most common pdf creation classes, TCPDF and FPDF: PHP: TCPDF and FPDF make it simple to create PDFs on the fly.

Hope it helps.

Answered by Mukesh Chapagain

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