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Which mp3 mime type should I use?


I’m debating which mime type to use when returning mp3 data (served up by php)

This is a list of mime types, according to this list:

.mp3    audio/mpeg3
.mp3    audio/x-mpeg-3
.mp3    video/mpeg
.mp3    video/x-mpeg

What’s the difference between these two, and which should I choose?

Asked by Kristian

Solution #1

The RFC-defined mime-type audio/mpeg would be your best bet.

Answered by saluce

Solution #2

I was having trouble with mime types and was running tests on a couple different file types. It appears that each browser transmits its own version of a mime type for each file. I was attempting to upload mp3 and zip files using an open source php class and came across the following:

So, if you need to upload a variety of file formats, you need run some tests to ensure that any browser can upload a file and pass the mime type check.

Answered by Eugene Petakhin

Solution #3

Use.mp3 audio/mpeg, which is what I’ve always done. Others are probably merely aliases.

Answered by zessx

Solution #4

Because Firefox cannot play audio/mpeg3 files, you should always use audio/mpeg.

Answered by Johnny Zhao

Solution #5

The conventional method is to utilize audio/mpeg in your PHP header function, which looks like this…

header(‘Content-Type: audio/mpeg’);

Answered by Madan Sapkota

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