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What is the best way to remove non-ASCII characters from a string? (written in C#)


What is the best way to remove non-ASCII characters from a string? (written in C#)

Asked by philcruz

Solution #1

string s = "søme string";
s = Regex.Replace(s, @"[^\u0000-\u007F]+", string.Empty);

Answered by philcruz

Solution #2

Here’s a solution that doesn’t use regular expressions and is entirely written in.NET:

string inputString = "Räksmörgås";
string asAscii = Encoding.ASCII.GetString(
            new EncoderReplacementFallback(string.Empty),
            new DecoderExceptionFallback()

It may appear complicated, but it should be simple to use. It converts a string using the.NET ASCII encoding. Because it can represent any of the original characters, UTF8 is used during the conversion. Any non-ASCII character is converted to an empty string using an EncoderReplacementFallback.

Answered by bzlm

Solution #3

MonsCamus, I assume, meant:

parsememo = Regex.Replace(parsememo, @"[^\u0020-\u007E]", string.Empty);

Answered by Josh

Solution #4

Take a look at this question if you don’t want to strip but rather convert latin accented to non-accented characters: What is the best way to convert 8-bit characters to 7-bit characters? (For example, Ü to U)

Answered by sinelaw

Solution #5

I’ve created a pure LINQ solution, inspired by philcruz’s Regular Expression solution.

public static string PureAscii(this string source, char nil = ' ')
    var min = '\u0000';
    var max = '\u007F';
    return source.Select(c => c < min ? nil : c > max ? nil : c).ToText();

public static string ToText(this IEnumerable<char> source)
    var buffer = new StringBuilder();
    foreach (var c in source)
    return buffer.ToString();

This code has not been tested.

Answered by Bent Rasmussen

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