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What is the attribute property=”og:title” inside meta tag?


This is an excerpt from the website source code:

<meta content="This is a basic text" property="og:title" />

What is the meaning of this property attribute, and what is its purpose?

Asked by luca

Solution #1

Facebook, for example, makes use of them.

og:title stands for the title of your object as it should appear within the graph (see here for more )

Answered by Marek Musielak

Solution #2

You can define values for property fields that come from a property library using the property in meta tags. The head tag specifies the property library (RDFa format).

For example, to use that code you would have to have something like this in your and there would be a title specification inside the (og:title).

The tag in your case almost certainly came from the Open Graph Protocol, which is used to describe structured information about your website for Facebook use (and possibly other search engines).

Answered by Neddy

Solution #3

When a page is shared, you can have some control over how information gets from a third-party website to Facebook (or liked, etc.). Information is transmitted using Open Graph meta tags in the head> section of the website’s code to make this happen.

Answered by ArunValaven

Solution #4

For Facebook, it’s most likely part of the Open Graph Protocol.

Edit: I’m guessing it’s not just Facebook – that’s just one example of how it’s used.

Answered by Shadow Wizard Hates Omicron

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