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What is a good easy to use profiler for C++ on Linux? [closed]


On Linux, I need to profile some C++ code. Could you suggest some profilers?

Asked by shergill

Solution #1

Use gprof.

Simply use the -pg flag when compiling (I believe (but am not certain) that optimizations must be disabled.) and use gprof to analyze the gmon.out file that your executable will then produce.


gcc -pg -o whatever whatever.c


gprof whatever gmon.out

Same thing with g++ and cpp.

Answered by smcameron

Solution #2

The linux profiler valgrind is well-known.

Answered by dfa

Solution #3

I’ve been using Zoom from RotateRight ( It includes a butterfly view of functions and allows you to double-click any function to get straight to the source or asm code. To inspect your source, build with debugging information (-g), but you should still build and profile optimized code.

Answered by XWare

Solution #4

Oprofile is a favourite of mine. It requires the installation of a kernel module and has a learning curve, but it’s fairly powerful and works well for efficient programs/programs that don’t use debugging symbols.

Intel’s Vtune is yet another sophisticated profiler. For non-commercial software, I believe the Linux version is free.

There’s also the dfa-recommended Valgrind set of tools. It’s likely that Callgrind is what you’re most interested in. Cachegrind (whose featureset is a subset of Callgrind’s) and Massif are both intriguing, although I’ve never used either.

Answered by Falaina

Solution #5

Look into KCacheGrind, a graphical frontend to valgrind that makes it very simple to use.

Answered by Milan Babuškov

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