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What is a.csproj file and how do I change it?


When I use the.NET Framework 4.0 MSBUILD.EXE file to compile my.csproj file, I receive the following error: “label01” not found in the current context of “website01.csproj.”

In fact, I need to reference every ASP.NET page with its code-behind file. I’ve done it, and it’s working great, but the issue mentioned above is still present.

I’m hoping it means I need to add the form name “LABLE01” to that.csproj file, but I’m not sure how to accomplish it. Please give me with the syntax for adding the form name to the.csproj file.

Asked by Karthik Malla

Solution #1

The CSPROJ file, which is saved in XML format, contains all of your project’s references, as well as your compilation parameters. In addition, there is an SLN file that contains information about the projects that make up your solution.

If you’re working in Visual Studio and need to access or update your CSPROJ file, simply follow these simple steps:

Answered by Saurabh Gokhale

Solution #2

Because the query does not specifically reference Visual Studio, I’ll show you how to achieve it with JetBrains Rider.

From context menu

With shortcut

Answered by Florian Schaal

Solution #3

You can right-click the project file and choose “Unload project,” then choose “Edit project name.csproj” to access the file directly for editing.

In order for the project to compile, you’ll need to reload it after you’ve saved your changes.

On MSDN, look up How to: Unload and Reload Projects.

You can edit project files with any text editor that supports Unicode (notepad, notepad++, etc…) because they are XML files.

However, I would be hesitant to change these files by hand; instead, if at all feasible, utilize the Solution Explorer. If you have mistakes and know how to correct them manually, go ahead, but be careful that if you don’t know what you’re doing, you could entirely destroy the project file.

Answered by Oded

Solution #4

There is a simpler method that does not require you to unload the project. Simply install the EditProj utility in Visual Studio:

Then right-click edit and select Edit Project File:) from the options.

Answered by riadh gomri

Solution #5

Version 16.8.2 in vs 2019 Right-click on your project’s name and select “Edit Project File” from the drop-down menu.

Answered by ehsan rezaee

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