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What does a question mark following a type (for instance, int? myVariable) mean?


The conditional, x?, is the most common application of the question mark. “Yes” vs. “No.”

However, I’ve seen another application for it, but I can’t seem to locate an explanation for it, such as with the? operator.

public int? myProperty

Asked by GenEric35

Solution #1

This indicates that the value type in question is nullable.

Answered by Sean

Solution #2

Nullableint> is a shorthand for Nullable. NullableT> is a type that allows you to set a value type to null. In most cases, value types cannot be null.

Answered by Klaus Byskov Pedersen

Solution #3


x ? "yes" : "no"

The? denotes an if condition. The boolean condition is represented by x, and the part before the: is the then phrase, while the part after is the else sentence.

In, for example,


The? specifies a nullable type, implying that the type preceding it may have a null value.

Answered by eKek0

Solution #4

The type is declared to be nullable.

Answered by Thanos Papathanasiou

Solution #5

practical usage:

public string someFunctionThatMayBeCalledWithNullAndReturnsString(int? value)
  if (value == null)
    return "bad value";

  return someFunctionThatHandlesIntAndReturnsString(value);

Answered by A.J.Bauer

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