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Using bicep to deploy a hybrid connection to a webapp


I’m trying to use Bicep to create a Hybrid Connection on a webapp.

The documentation, unfortunately, has no descriptions in the properties of RelayServiceConnectionEntityProperties:

Here’s what I came up with:

resource webappHcm 'Microsoft.Web/sites/hybridconnection@2021-02-01' = {
  name: 'hcm'
  parent: webapp
  properties: {
    entityConnectionString: 'Endpoint=sb://;SharedAccessKeyName=defaultListener;SharedAccessKey=XXXXXXXXXXX;EntityPath=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx'
    entityName: 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx'
    hostname: 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.hostname.internal'
    port: 12345
    // resourceConnectionString: 'string'
    // resourceType: 'string'

When I try to deploy, though, I get the following error:

I’m not sure what resourceConnectionString, resourceType, or biztalkUri should be. I’m not sure where to look for them, or what I’m doing wrong.

Unfortunately, if you do it manually on the Azure Portal and then “Export template,” the export will not include any information about the hybrid connection (whether it is in the Webapp, or in the Hybrid Connection itself)

Asked by Nuno

Solution #1

You’ll need a bicep file like this to create a Hybrid-Connection for webs:

param appServiceName string

var cfg = json(loadTextContent('../../bicepConsts.json'))
var hc = cfg.HybridConnection

resource appService 'Microsoft.Web/sites@2021-02-01' existing = {
  name: appServiceName

var relayId = resourceId(hc.ResourceGroup, 'Microsoft.Relay/namespaces', hc.Namespace)
var connectionId = '${relayId}/hybridConnections/${hc.Name}'
var senderKeyName = 'defaultSender'

var key = listKeys('${connectionId}/authorizationRules/${senderKeyName}', '2017-04-01').primaryKey

resource hybridConnection 'Microsoft.Web/sites/hybridConnectionNamespaces/relays@2021-02-01' = {
  name: '${}/${hc.Namespace}/${hc.Name}'
  location: hc.NamespaceLocation
  dependsOn: [
  properties: {
    serviceBusNamespace: hc.Namespace
    relayName: hc.Name
    relayArmUri: connectionId
    hostname: hc.Host
    port: hc.Port
    sendKeyName: senderKeyName
    sendKeyValue: key
    serviceBusSuffix: ''

Consider what this bicepConsts file contains:

    "..." : "...",
    "HybridConnection": {
        "ResourceGroup": "resource group of your HybridConnection from Azure",
        "Name": "Name of hybrid connection",
        "Namespace": "Namespace of hybrid connection",
        "NamespaceLocation": "Location (e.g. 'West US 2') of your hybrid connection namespace",
        "Host": "Host of your hybrid connection",
        "Port": "Port of your hybrid connection AS INTEGER!",

Answered by KondzioSSJ4

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