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Tooltip on image


I’m making use of the tooltip. But I’d like it to function on image tags, so that when I mouseover the image, the tooltip appears. I have tried but not working for me on image tag.

Asked by user1528786

Solution #1

For this, you can utilize the image’s regular HTML title attribute:

<img src="source of image" alt="alternative text" title="this will be displayed as a tooltip"/>

Answered by Matthias

Solution #2

Tooltips are enabled on my working project, which is 100% functional.

Answered by Paresh Shiyal

Solution #3

You can use javascript to add tooltips to all of the photos on the page.

Answered by Sushma Reddy

Solution #4

To create a tooltip for a picture, use the following format.

<div class="tooltip"><img src="joe.jpg" />
  <span class="tooltiptext">Tooltip text</span>

Answered by Hasshi Sudler

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