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ReSharper “Cannot resolve symbol” even when project builds


My Tools:

Update 1 for Visual Studio 2012 Ultimate

ReSharper v7.1.25.234

Build Status of My Solution: Completed

However, when I install ReSharper and activate code analysis, several of my code’s keywords turn red with the following error:

“Symbol XXX cannot be resolved.”

A different view of my project >>

The ReSharper “CANNOT RESOLVE SYMBOL” problems are all over the place, yet my project build process is running smoothly.

Additional Note: My project will be Normal if I disable ReSharper Code Analysis, but I want to use ReSharper Code Analysis.

I tried Clear Cache under ReSharper Options General. But I’m still having issues!

I’ve realized that my Visual Studio has more serious issues as well. (See Stack Overflow for further information.)

I’ve made a number of recommendations (of myself and others)

But I couldn’t figure it out.

I’m thinking of installing a new Windows 🙁

What’s wrong, and what can I do about it?

Asked by Ramin Bateni

Solution #1

Try the Tools Options ReSharper menu in Visual Studio, then the Suspend button and Resume button (no need to close the window). In my instance, this works.

Answered by Lu55

Solution #2

VS -> Tools -> Options -> ReSharper Suspend button 
Clear Contents of -> AppData\Local\JetBrains\ReSharper\v7.1\SolutionCaches
VS -> Tools -> Options -> ReSharper Resume  button

Answered by Marcel

Solution #3

This worked for me (VS2012u4, R# 7.1.3):

Answered by Jeroen K

Solution #4

Close and reopen the solution after clearing the Resharper cache: Resharper -> Options -> General -> Clear Caches. In R# 9.0 Update 1, it worked.

Answered by Dio Phung

Solution #5

When you have two distinct versions of the same library in your solution, this happens with ReSharper. Project A, for example, uses automapper version 1.1, while project B uses automapper version 1.0.

When Visual Studio chooses one of the DLLs to bind to, it will usually compile and execute as expected. ReSharper, on the other hand, is completely perplexed. Instead of just going insane, this should be a ReSharper mistake that it asks you to fix.


By complete coincidence, I stumbled into this two days ago (the day after I published this piece) and came across this site, which claims that it is caused by a problem in the VS API. I did everything they suggested and was still unable to cure the problem, even if only temporarily: I had downloaded Autofac 2.6.x from google.code and then swapped it out for the NuGet package version, but it refused to see the new reference no matter what I did.

They recommend installing the R# 8 EAP, however I found it easier to simply downgrade to the previous version of Autofac.

There isn’t much in the way of assistance, but it might be useful.

Answered by satnhak

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