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Removing credits link


I recently purchased highcharts, however the credits link continues to remain on my graphs, which are prominent on my site, distorting the chart perspective.

How can I get rid of the choice I expected I’d get?

Asked by user2178935

Solution #1

You can personalize the credits by modifying the URL, text, and position, among other things. The details can be found at Use the following command to completely disable them:

credits: {
    enabled: false

Answered by SteveP

Solution #2

You should be able to add the following to your chart settings, according to this:

  credits: {
    enabled: false

The text “” will be removed from the bottom of the chart as a result of this.

Answered by Ahmad Alfy

Solution #3


credits: {
    enabled: false

It’s worth noting that it’s in the same line as xAxis: and yAxis:.

Answered by Bryan Lim

Solution #4

For eliminating from the chart, one of the following codes will suffice:-

credits: false



Answered by Arun Kumar N

Solution #5

This should be included to your CSS.

.highcharts-credits {
display: none !important;

Answered by Psychedelic Wizard

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