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On Ubuntu [closed], a window displays off-screen.


I’m using Ubuntu 12.04 LTS on a two monitor setup. I’ve moved the monitors around multiple times, and now several of the windows, such as Update Manager, open off-screen (on the opposite side of both screens). What is the best way to arrange the windows on one of my screens?

Asked by Mladen Danic

Solution #1

You can restore the window to your screen by pressing the [Enter] key.

ALT + spacebar

This will show you the options to maximize/minimize/… When you click maximize, it will take up the entire screen.

You can also relocate the window to your current window by pressing “move” and then using your mouse or arrow keys.

Answered by ibaralf

Solution #2

Make sure the off-screen window is selected (use Alt-Tab or Super-W for example). Then press Alt+F7 and drag the window into the viewport using the cursor keys.

The hidden window is normally underneath the screen when this happens to me (I occasionally use two screens with one on top of the other, a setup that agrees well with a laptop on a desk). You can guess where the window is by looking at the animations if you use Super-W to pick it. For me, holding Alt+F7+Up brings up the window.


Answered by Georg Jung

Solution #3

I wrote a small script to remedy a similar situation I’m seeing with two screens in Ubuntu 15.04:

The script utilizes the wmctrl command line tool to locate the offscreen windows and then uses wmctrl to reposition each one into view.

Answered by Tine Mezgec

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