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No EditorOptionDefinition Export Found Error


When I tried to access C# files in Visual Studio 2013, I got the following error:

No EditorOptionDefinition export found for the given option name:
Parameter name: optionID

I had no problems until I closed and reopened a C# solution I was working on, at which point the error appeared. This problem occurs when I open any C# project on this PC, according to my research. I tried opening the same project on another machine and it worked properly, so it’s not a project problem.

I hadn’t updated anything in Visual Studio, and I was simply trying to launch the package manager when this happened.

I’m stumped, and Dr. Google hasn’t been much help thus far.

Asked by Jake1164

Solution #1

After a reset and some additional investigation, I came across this blog post. The error described is not the same error I am seeing, however, it was close enough to warrant a try.

Follow the steps:

Visual Studio will regenerate the folder, and everything will be fine (or at least VS). I appreciate a straightforward answer, and I hope it proves useful to anyone else who encounters similar problem!

Answered by Jake1164

Solution #2

I experienced the same issue. For Jake’s answer, I made a little tweak.

 1 Close Visual Studio
 2 Search ComponentModelCache Folder
 3 Rename folder
 4 Restart the visual Studio

And it began to function.

It happened to me once more, then I tried Web Essentials 2013.5, and it began to work. I hope this has been of assistance to you.

Answered by sansalk

Solution #3

I was able to locate the folder using Windows 8.1 and VS2013.3. The locate feature in Windows 8.1 did not find the folder, but I was pointed to a Roaming folder by going into the percent APPDATA percent folder. After that, I was able to see the local folder in AppData by moving up one level.

The final location where I was able to locate the folder was the same as previously described. C:\Users\\AppData\Local\Microsoft\VisualStudio\12.0

The folder was renamed and it worked.

Answered by Null Value

Solution #4

I’m afraid that response isn’t always correct. There was no ComponentModelCache folder in my Windows 8.1 + Visual Studio 2013 for Web (12.0.30723.00 Update 3) installation.

Instead, I ran all of the VS2013 updates before going to Control Panel/Programs and Features and performing a repair. That worked and, in my opinion, is a superior overall solution.

Answered by HiDefLoLife

Solution #5

Yes, I had the identical issue with Visual Studio 2013 and Windows 7. Folder renamed

Answered by user3442716

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