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Is there a way to keep running the faulty scp (secure copy) command on Linux? [closed]


I’m using the scp command to copy a 7.5 GB file to a distant server. File transfer breaks down at some point, and I have to restart from the beginning.

Is the temporary quantity of data being sent gone forever? Is it possible to begin the transfer from where it ended during the prior attempt? If not, is there a standard Unix command line file transfer command that can be used to accomplish this?

Asked by Matko

Solution #1

Try rsync if you need to resume a scp transfer from local to remote:

rsync --partial --progress --rsh=ssh local_file user@host:remote_file

@aurelijus-rozenas pointed out a short version:

rsync -P -e ssh local_file user@host:remote_file

In general, the args for rsync are in this order:

rsync [options] SRC DEST

Answered by Tom McClure

Solution #2

This is all you’ll require.

 rsync -e ssh file host:/directory/.

Answered by DigitalRoss

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