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Is there a command in the Atom editor to format HTML?


I’d like to format my HTML using a command, similar to how I do it in Visual Studio using Ctrl+K+D. Is Atom capable of this? Are there any other possibilities if not?

Asked by user376456

Solution #1

Atom doesn’t have an HTML formatting command built-in. You may get this behavior by installing the atom-beautify package.

Answered by Stuart Hallows

Solution #2

There are a few HTML prettifier packages available. You can look for them in the Atom package archive:

Alternatively, go to

Once you’ve found a package that meets your needs, you can install it using the command apm install [package name] from the command line or through the Preferences interface.

When the software has been installed, follow the steps for activating its features.

Answered by Lee

Solution #3

There are many different languages included, as well as HTML.

Answered by pungggi

Solution #4

In atom, you may use the atom beauty package to format text.

setting –> file –> file –> file –> file –> file – Install

Then, in the search field, put atom-beautify.

Then select Atom Beauty from the Package menu and install it.

After that, you can either use (Alt + ctrl + b) or right-click and select beautify editor contents to format your text.

Answered by Jayantha

Solution #5

Answered by Ajay

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