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In Unix/Linux, is it possible to copy particular files recursively? [closed]


All *.jar files in the directory and its subdirectories must be copied. What can I do in a UNIX/Linux terminal to do this? The command cp -r *.jar /destination dir fails.

Asked by Yury Pogrebnyak

Solution #1

rsync can be used to copy files locally as well as between machines. This will accomplish your objectives:

/destination dir rsync -avm —include=’*.jar’ -f ‘hide,! */’

Only the.jar files are copied, not the complete directory structure from. to /destination dir. The -a option ensures that all file permissions and timings are preserved. Empty folders will be skipped using the -m option. The -v option specifies verbose output.

Add a -n for a dry run; it will inform you what it will do but will not duplicate anything.

Answered by Sean

Solution #2

If you don’t need the directory structure only the jar files, you can use:

shopt -s globstar
cp **/*.jar destination_dir

If you wish to see the directory structure, use the —parents option of cp.

Answered by uzsolt

Solution #3

If your locate command has a -exec option and your copy command has a -t option:

find . -name "*.jar" -exec cp -t /destination_dir {} +

If you find doesn’t provide the “+” for parallel invocation, you can use “;” but then you can omit the -t:

find . -name "*.jar" -exec cp {} /destination_dir ";"

Answered by user unknown

Solution #4

cp --parents `find -name \*.jar` destination/

from man cp:

       use full source file name under DIRECTORY

Answered by Bartosz Moczulski

Solution #5

tar -cf - `find . -name "*.jar" -print` | ( cd /destination_dir && tar xBf - )

Answered by Pavan Manjunath

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