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In SQL, what is the difference between a RIGHT & LEFT JOIN and a RIGHT & LEFT OUTER JOIN?


What is the difference in the outcomes of:

Could you perhaps give some instances to illustrate your point?

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Solution #1

The terms RIGHT JOIN and RIGHT OUTER JOIN are interchangeable. Both are identical. As a result, LEFT JOIN and LEFT OUTER JOIN are interchangeable.

SQL Joins as a Visual Representation

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Solution #2

SQL Join is explained well in this article:

Reference: link

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Solution #3

Our very own Jeff Atwood has created a really beautiful Visual Explanation of joins in general. A right outer join and a right join are the same thing, as are a left join and a left outer join.

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Solution #4

No difference.

No difference.

Simply put, the OUTER keyword is optional. You can include it or omit it without affecting the resultset.

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