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In PHP, how can I get access to an object property specified as a variable?


A JSON-encoded Google API returned an item like this.

[updated] => stdClass Object
 [$t] => 2010-08-18T19:17:42.026Z

Is there a way to get to the $t value?

$object->$t obviously returns

Asked by Flavio Copes

Solution #1

Because your property’s name is the string ‘$t,’ you can use the following syntax to retrieve it:

echo $object->{'$t'};

Alternatively, you can save the property’s name in a variable and utilize it as follows:

$property_name = '$t';
echo $object->$property_name;

Both of these are demonstrated on

Answered by Jordan Running

Solution #2

The correct solution (which also applies to PHP7) is:


Answered by Vacilando

Solution #3

Have you tried:

$t = '$t'; // Single quotes are important.

Answered by Macha

Solution #4

I’m using PHP 7, and the following code works perfectly for me:

class User {
    public $name = 'john';
$u = new User();

$attr = 'name';
print $u->$attr;

Answered by omarjebari

Solution #5

This is compatible with both PHP 5 and PHP 7.

echo $props[$t];

Answered by YakovGdl35

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