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In.NET, how do I String.Format a TimeSpan object in a specific format?


What is the appropriate method for formatting TimeSpan objects into a custom format string?

Asked by Hosam Aly

Solution #1

Please notice that this solution is only for.Net 4.0 and higher. Please see JohannesH’s response if you wish to format a TimeSpan in.Net 3.5 or lower.

In.Net 4.0, custom TimeSpan format strings were introduced. The MSDN Custom TimeSpan Format Strings page has a complete list of available format specifiers.

An example timespan format string is as follows:

string.Format("{0:hh\\:mm\\:ss}", myTimeSpan); //example output 15:36:15

(UPDATE) Here’s an example of string interpolation in C# 6:

$"{myTimeSpan:hh\\:mm\\:ss}"; //example output 15:36:15

The “:” character must be escaped with a “” (which must be escaped unless you’re using a verbatim string).

The “:” and “.” characters in a format string are explained in this excerpt from the MSDN Custom TimeSpan Format Strings page:

Answered by Doctor Jones

Solution #2

You could use the following for.NET 3.5 and lower:

string.Format ("{0:00}:{1:00}:{2:00}", 

Code extracted from a bytes answer by Jon Skeet

See DoctaJonez’s response for.NET 4.0 and higher.

Answered by JohannesH

Solution #3

Making a DateTime object and using it for formatting is one option:

new DateTime(myTimeSpan.Ticks).ToString(myCustomFormat)

// or using String.Format:
String.Format("{0:HHmmss}", new DateTime(myTimeSpan.Ticks))

This is how I’m used to doing things. I’m hoping for a better solution.

Answered by Hosam Aly

Solution #4

Simple. Make use of TimeSpan. ToString with the characters c, g, or G. MSDN has further information.

Answered by KKK

Solution #5

I’d recommend


Answered by Shehab Fawzy

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