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In Laravel, how can I prevent new users from registering?


I’m working with Laravel. I’d like to disable new user registration, but I need the login to function.

How can I turn off the registration form, routes, and controllers?

Asked by Milad Rahimi

Solution #1

The following features were added to Laravel 5.7:

Auth::routes(['register' => false]);

The following are the currently available options:

  'register' => false, // Registration Routes...
  'reset' => false, // Password Reset Routes...
  'verify' => false, // Email Verification Routes...

Simply override the showRegistrationForm() and register() functions in older Laravel versions.

public function showRegistrationForm()
    return redirect('login');

public function register()


Answered by Limon Monte

Solution #2

This may be new in 5.7, however the auth method now has an options array. Simply altering



Auth::routes(['register' => false]);

After running php artisan make:auth in your routes file, user registration will be disabled.

Answered by theeternalsw0rd

Solution #3

If you’re using Laravel 5.2 and installed the auth-related functionality with php artisan make:auth, then invoking Route::auth in your app/Http/routes.php file will include all auth-related routes ().

In vendor/laravel/framework/src/Illuminate/Routing/Router.php, you’ll find the auth() method. So, if you want to disable registration by eliminating undesirable routes, as some people propose (which is probably a good idea), copy the routes you still want from the auth() method and put them in app/Http/routes.php (replacing the call to Route::auth()). As an example:

// This is app/Http/routes.php

// Authentication Routes...
Route::get('login', 'Auth\AuthController@showLoginForm');
Route::post('login', 'Auth\AuthController@login');
Route::get('logout', 'Auth\AuthController@logout');

// Registration Routes... removed!

// Password Reset Routes...
Route::get('password/reset/{token?}', 'Auth\PasswordController@showResetForm');
Route::post('password/email', 'Auth\PasswordController@sendResetLinkEmail');
Route::post('password/reset', 'Auth\PasswordController@reset');

It’s definitely different if you’re running a version lower than 5.2; I recall things changing quite a bit since 5.0, and artisan make:auth was even deleted at one point, IIRC.

Answered by RafaƂ G.

Solution #4

Here’s how to do it right with Laravel 5.3 and 5.4:

You must make the following adjustments:

public function __construct()


public function __construct()

in app/Http/Controller/Auth/RegisterController.php

Answered by Yassin

Solution #5

You can now send an array of options to Auth::routes in Laravel 5.7. (). The registration routes can then be disabled with the command:

Auth::routes(['register' => false]);

The source code for this can be found in src/Illuminate/Routing/Router.php.

Answered by Christopher Geary

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