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In IIS Express, how can I enable external requests?


In IIS Express, how do I allow remote requests? It’s conceivable, according to Scott Guthrie, but he doesn’t describe how.

Asked by TedTel

Solution #1

On the IIS team site, there’s now a blog entry outlining how to enable remote connections on IIS Express. Here’s a summary of the important parts of that post:

Answered by Damian Edwards

Solution #2

You might need to make three adjustments.

Find the binding element on your site and add it.

    <binding protocol="http" bindingInformation="*:8080:*" />
    netsh http add urlacl url=http://*:8080/ user=everyone

Everyone is a member of the Windows group. For groups containing spaces, such as “Tout le monde,” use double quotes.

When you run iisexpress.exe now, you should receive a message like this:

Answered by Colonel Panic

Solution #3

Until I discovered iisexpress-proxy, nothing worked for me.

Run the command prompt as an administrator.

npm install -g iisexpress-proxy


iisexpress-proxy 51123 to 81

If your Visual Studio project is open at localhost:51123 and you wish to access it at x.x.x.x:81, follow these steps.

ngrok is what I’m currently utilizing.

Answered by Toolkit

Solution #4

When I first tried this workflow a few months ago, I ran into the similar issues.

That’s why I created a small proxy utility designed just for this scenario:

It’s a lot easier with the IIS Express Proxy – no need to use “netsh http add urlacl url=vaidesg:8080/ user=everyone” or tinker with your “applicationhost.config.”

Simply type the following into the command prompt:

8080 to 3000 iisexpress-proxy

…and then navigate to http://vaidesg:3000 on your remote devices.

Most of the time, less is more.

Answered by Ionut-Cristian Florescu

Solution #5

If you’re using Visual Studio, follow these instructions to access IIS-Express through IP-Address:

Answered by Daniel Eisenreich

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