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In Elastic Beanstalk, where can I find the Tomcat 7 installation folder on a Linux AMI?


I’ve installed the sample application on an elastic beanstalk linux-tomcat ami instance that uses public DNS. I can ssh into the instance, but I can’t seem to find Tomcat 7. (ie. the conf directory to edit server.xml). I tried it on both a 64-bit and 32-bit ami. Do you have any suggestions about where I could look for this? I looked in the following categories:


Under tmp, I did discover an elasticbeanstalk-tomcat7-deployment file (was empty).

I did a:

sudo yum install tomcat7

The sample application is also accessible via the public DNS and is provided from:8080. So I assume I’m running two Tomcat servers on the same Beanstalk instance. In that instance, I’m attempting to locate the Tomcat 7 directories (serving pages on port 80).

Asked by MikeW

Solution #1

It’s been under /usr/share/tomcat7 since late 2012.

Previously, it was commonly located in /opt/tomcat7.

Answered by David Levesque

Solution #2

I’m not sure if this is useful. I’m running an Amazon Linux AMI that has tomcat7 installed in /usr/share/tomcat7.

If Tomcat is already installed on your PC, attempt these steps:

ps -ef | grep tomcat


ps -ef | grep java

to find out where it’s coming from

Answered by uchamp

Solution #3

Answered by Vinicius Domingues Alvarenga

Solution #4

Use “whereis” command.

Answered by sector7

Solution #5

As of October 3, 2012, a new “Elastic Beanstalk for Java with Apache Tomcat 7” Linux x64 AMI deployed with the Sample Application has the install here:


The /etc/tomcat7/tomcat7.conf file has the following settings:

# Where your java installation lives

# Where your tomcat installation lives

Answered by mwoodman

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