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In Chrome, mailto links don’t work, but they do in Firefox?


The mailto links that we’ve embedded in our website don’t seem to work in Chrome, but they do in Firefox.

Here’s a simple example:

<a href=''>hi this is a test</a>

Is there anything extra we need to do to allow mail links in Chrome?

Asked by Crashalot

Solution #1

This is browser-specific, which means it will act differently based on the user’s browser settings. By going to chrome:/settings/handlers, or Chrome Settings->Content Settings->Manage Handlers…, the user can change how mailto: links behave in Chrome.

If “email” isn’t included on that page, follow the instructions in this answer.

Answered by kennypu

Solution #2

This is due to the fact that Chrome handles mailto in a unique way. You may check which handler is the default by going to chrome:/settings/handlers. It will be none in your situation (i.e. not listed). Go to now. When you click the button next to the bookmark button, you should see something like this.

Set “Use Gmail” if you want all email links to open in Gmail. When you click the mailto button in Chrome, it will now open in Gmail.

Answered by Rajesh Hegde

Solution #3

Chrome was connected with the MAILTO protocol in Windows 10 in my case.

Using “Default Programs” -> “Associate a file type or protocol with a program,” I changed the association to Outlook.

MAILTO is at the bottom of the list. This image may be of assistance.

Answered by SamJackSon

Solution #4

This was also an issue for me, and I was able to narrow it down to the fact that my link was in an iframe, and my web app uses https. Because of this, Chrome was preventing it (Chrome would open other mailto links outside of the iframe).

kendsnyder advised simply updating the mailto link within a frame chrome (over https) in mailto link not working within a frame chrome (over https).

<a href="mailto:...">email</a>


<a target="_top" href="mailto:...">email</a>

Voila, the issue has been resolved. All browsers now support the mailto link.

Answered by rrudland

Solution #5

Allow gmail to set up a service handler for the mailto protocol:

1) Visit

2) At the end of the address bar, click the little rhombus icon (screenshot)

3) enjoy

Answered by JfredoJ

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