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In C#, inserting a newline into a string


I have a piece of string.

string strToProcess = "fkdfdsfdflkdkfk@dfsdfjk72388389@kdkfkdfkkl@jkdjkfjd@jjjk@";

Every time the “@” symbol appears in the string, I need to add a newline.

This is what my output should look like.


Asked by balaweblog

Solution #1

Make use of the environment. In any string, you can insert a newline wherever you choose. Consider the following scenario:

string text = "fkdfdsfdflkdkfk@dfsdfjk72388389@kdkfkdfkkl@jkdjkfjd@jjjk@";

text = text.Replace("@", "@" + System.Environment.NewLine);

Answered by Christian C. Salvadó

Solution #2

After the @ symbol, you can add a new line character as follows:

string newString = oldString.Replace("@", "@\n");  

In the Environment Class, you can also use the NewLine attribute (I think it is Environment).

Answered by Jason

Solution #3

The preceding answers come near, but you’d want str to meet the true requirement that the @ sign stay close. Replace(“@”, “@” + System.Environment.NewLine) with “@”, “@” + System.Environment.NewLine). The @ sign will be preserved, and the proper newline character(s) for the current platform will be added.

Answered by Marcus Griep

Solution #4

Then simply change the previous responses to:

Console.Write(strToProcess.Replace("@", "@" + Environment.NewLine));

If you don’t want the text file to have newlines, don’t save it.

Answered by Benjamin Autin

Solution #5

A simple string replacement will suffice. Take a look at the following example program:

using System;

namespace NewLineThingy
    class Program
        static void Main(string[] args)
            string str = "fkdfdsfdflkdkfk@dfsdfjk72388389@kdkfkdfkkl@jkdjkfjd@jjjk@";
            str = str.Replace("@", "@" + Environment.NewLine);

Answered by Jason Jackson

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