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In C#, how do you retrieve the file size?


I’m looking for a technique to get the size of a file in C# rather than the size on disk. What gives that this is possible?

I’m currently stuck in a loop.

foreach (FileInfo file in downloadedMessageInfo.GetFiles())
    //file.Length (will this work)

Will the size or the size on disk be returned?

Asked by JL.

Solution #1

This is the code you require if you already have a file path as input:

long length = new System.IO.FileInfo(path).Length;

Answered by live-love

Solution #2

FileInfo.Length returns the file’s length in bytes (not the size on disk), so I believe this is what you’re looking for.

Answered by Marcin DeptuƂa

Solution #3

FileInfo.Length will suffice (per MSDN it “[g]ets the size, in bytes, of the current file.”) On MSDN, there’s an excellent page about common I/O chores.

Answered by jason

Solution #4

According to MSDN, FileInfo.Length is “the current file’s size in bytes.”

For stuff like this, I usually go to Google and type in msdn FileInfo.

Answered by Austin Salonen

Solution #5

The Length field of the FileInfo class returns the file’s size (not the size on disk). You can use CSharpLib, a package I created that extends the FileInfo class with more features, to get a formatted file size (e.g. 15 KB) instead of a lengthy byte number. Here’s an illustration:

using CSharpLib;
FileInfo info = new FileInfo("sample.txt");
Console.WriteLine(info.FormatBytes());  // Output: 15 MB

Answered by S. Ferrell

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