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In a Bicep deployment, the ‘customDomainVerificationId’ property on an AppService has no effect.


I’m using Bicep to create an App Service, and I’m attempting to figure out how to configure the “Custom Domain Verification ID” parameter so that I can create the required TXT records for verification (before the Bicep deployments run).

resource app_service 'Microsoft.Web/sites@2021-01-15' = {
  name: name
  location: location
  properties: {
    serverFarmId: plan_id
    siteConfig: {
      netFrameworkVersion: 'v4.6'
    customDomainVerificationId: custom_domain_verification_id

However, the value I specified on the App Service is ignored and will be replaced with something else under “Custom Domains.”

Is it intended for this property to be read-only?


Actually, it appears that this is a readonly property. It can’t be set on an individual AppService because it’s the same throughout the entire Subscription. I’ve reported a problem here.

Asked by Joel

Solution #1

This attribute should, indeed, be read-only. When an app service is created, it is filled.

Please report this inaccuracy to if you don’t mind.

Answered by Miq

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