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If it doesn’t already exist, install Azure BICEP.


I’m not sure whether it’s doable, but I’m trying to make a virtual network out of one virtualNetwork.main.bicep file and then a subnet out of another subnet.main.bicep file within the virtual network. Now I can do it, but the problem is that if I repeat the virtual network virtualNetwork.main.bicep, any subnets formed by the subnet.main.bicep file will be removed.

I realize I could just add all subnets to virtualNetwork.main.bicep, but the point is that I can delegate subnet creation to others while retaining a centralized networking setup.

Is there any way to prevent the virtual network file from overwriting what’s already there?

I hope this is clear.


Asked by TommyAutoMagically

Solution #1

Checking to see if a resource already exists is an ask in Bicep that isn’t yet implemented.

Furthermore, you want to build a virtual network out of many modules, and I’m afraid you’ll be disappointed there as well, as that isn’t actually supported according to the debate here. Here’s what the advice suggests:

Unfortunately, this means that, in order to work around the API limitations, you’ll have to construct all of the subnets at once. Sorry!

Answered by Whit Waldo

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