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IAC: Using pipelines and biceps, how do you remove components from Azure?


Using a bicep file, we’re building and upgrading our environments as part of an Azure DevOps pipeline.

We’re building our Azure Service Bus as part of this. With MassTransit, the topics/subscriptions/queues on the bus are created by code.

ues in the Azure Service Bus that are no longer used (but where not removed through MassTransit). We’d like to be free of memberships and lines (in a scripted, automated way, triggered by our pipeline).

What are the appropriate practices for dealing with a circumstance like this (removing azure components that were generated outside of the bicep file)?

Asked by Peter Wyss

Solution #1

I agree with TrevorBrooks’ suggestion. You may have a task that requires the use of Az CLI, Az PowerShell, or Az REST API.

Answered by KrishnaG-MSFT

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