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How to use HTML/CSS to insert spaces and tabs in text


Possible ways:

<pre> ... </pre>



Anything else?

Asked by Yeseanul

Solution #1

To insert tab space between two words/sentences I generally make use of


Answered by Giri

Solution #2

In circumstances where the space’s width/height exceeds  , I normally use:

For horizontal spacer:

<span style="display:inline-block; width: YOURWIDTH;"></span>

For vertical spacer:

<span style="display:block; height: YOURHEIGHT;"></span>

Answered by Japol

Solution #3

> for > (greater than, entity number >) and less than (entity number <).

HTML Entities has a comprehensive collection of HTML entities.

Answered by Halim Qarroum

Solution #4

Try  .

Special Characters: According to the documentation:

Answered by Abhishek Goel

Solution #5

In HTML, there are several different types of spaces.

 makes four spaces between the text-   &ems

  Adds two spaces between the text –

 Makes a regular spacing between the text –

produces a narrow space (like regular space but with a tiny difference – “&thinsp”);

“/br>” is the space between sentences.

This link may be of assistance to you. Check out [ .html]

Answered by Vivek Budithi

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