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How to check if a type is nullable the right way [duplicate]


I’m using the following code to see if a Type (propertyType) is nullable:

bool isNullable =  "Nullable`1".Equals(propertyType.Name)

Is there a way to prevent having to use magic strings?

Asked by Felice Pollano

Solution #1

Nullable is the way to go. GetUnderlyingType:

if (Nullable.GetUnderlyingType(propertyType) != null)
    // It's nullable

It’s worth noting that this uses the System static class, which isn’t generic. Rather using the generic struct NullableT>, use Nullable.

Also, keep in mind that this will only work if you use it on a specific (closed) nullable value type… it won’t work if you use it on a generic type, such as a string.

public class Foo<T> where T : struct
    public Nullable<T> Bar { get; set; }

Type propertyType = typeof(Foo<>).GetProperty("Bar").PropertyType;
// propertyType is an *open* type...

Answered by Jon Skeet

Solution #2

To see if a Type object represents a Nullable type, run the following code. Remember that if the Type object was returned through a GetType call, this code always returns false.

if (type.IsGenericType && type.GetGenericTypeDefinition() == typeof(Nullable<>)) {…}

explained in the MSDN link below:

Furthermore, this SO QA has a similar discussion:

What is the best way to see if an object is nullable?

Answered by VSS

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