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How do I get rid of javascript validation in my eclipse project?


I’m working on a project with Eclipse, and when fiddling about with the settings, I turned on Javascript support. Eclipse now complains that the JQuery library contains faults and refuses to let me compile the project. Is there a way to disable javascript validation?

Asked by Ritesh M Nayak

Solution #1

I prefer that my JavaScript files are verified, but I don’t want to validate third-party libraries and deal with minor warnings.

That is why I believe that completely disabling validation is too extreme. Fortunately, Eclipse allows you to exclude specific JavaScript sources from validation.

The information about JavaScript source inclusion/exclusion is saved into .settings/.jsdtscope file. Remember to include it in your SCM.

Here’s how the settings looks when the jQuery files aren’t validated:

Answered by Alexander Pogrebnyak

Solution #2

Turn off the JavaScript Validator in your project’s “Builders” config:

Then either restart Eclipse or rename the.js to something like.js_ before renaming it again.

Answered by Brad Marchesseault

Solution #3

In the.project file, I removed the tag.


It has shown to be really effective for me.

Answered by calraiden

Solution #4

JavaScript -> Validator -> Window -> Preferences -> JavaScript -> Validator (also per project settings possible)


Validation may be found under Window -> Preferences -> Validation (disable validations and configure their settings)

Answered by Redlab

Solution #5

Go to Windows->Preferences->Validation.

There should be a list of validators with checkbox options for Manual & Build; disable the javascript validator there individually.

The Suspend All Validators checkbox at the top of the page does not always have an effect.

Answered by Rahul

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