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How do I define a method in Razor?


In Razor, how can I define a method?

Asked by Rookian

Solution #1

@functions is how you do it, regardless of any discussions about when (if ever) it should be done.

@functions {

    // Add code here.


Answered by David Ruttka

Solution #2

What do you mean by inline helper?

@helper SayHello(string name)
    <div>Hello @name</div>


Answered by Darin Dimitrov

Solution #3

Defining a function in Razor is fairly simple.

@functions {

    public static HtmlString OrderedList(IEnumerable<string> items)
    { }

As a result, you can call the method from anywhere. Like

@Functions.OrderedList(new[] { "Blue", "Red", "Green" })

This activity, however, can also be done with the aid of a helper. As an illustration,

@helper OrderedList(IEnumerable<string> items){
        @foreach(var item in items){

So, what is the distinction? Both @helpers and @functions, according to this earlier piece, have one thing in common: they allow code reuse within Web Pages. They also have one thing in common: they appear to be the same person at first glance, which could lead to some uncertainty about their duties. They are not, however, the same. A helper is a reusable snippet of Razor syntax exposed as a method that is used to render HTML to the browser, whereas a function is a static utility method that can be used from anywhere in your Web Pages application. A helper’s return type is always HelperResult, whereas a function’s return type is whatever you want it to be.

Answered by gdmanandamohon

Solution #4

You may also use a Func like this to do it.

    var getStyle = new Func<int, int, string>((width, margin) => string.Format("width: {0}px; margin: {1}px;", width, margin));

<div style="@getStyle(50, 2)"></div>

Answered by Bokoskokos

Solution #5

Razor is nothing more than a templating engine.

A standard class should be created.

Put them in a @functions block if you wish to create a method within a Razor page.

Answered by SLaks

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