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How do I convert an int to a string in C# with padding zeros?


I have an integer value in C# that needs to be converted to a string, however it must first add zeros:

For Example:

int i = 1;

It has to be 0001 when I convert it to a string.

In C#, I need to know the syntax.

Asked by Pinu

Solution #1

i.ToString(). PadLeft(4, ‘0’) is a function that allows you to pad the left side of your screen. – This is fine, but it doesn’t function with negative values. i.ToString(“0000”); – explicit form i.ToString(“D4″); – short form format specifier $”{i:0000}”; – string interpolation (C# 6.0+)

Answered by Jay

Solution #2


For further information on format specifiers, go to MSDN.

Answered by Ryan

Solution #3

Here’s an illustration:

int number = 1;
//D4 = pad with 0000
string outputValue = String.Format("{0:D4}", number);
Console.WriteLine(outputValue);//Prints 0001
outputValue = number.ToString().PadLeft(4, '0');
Console.WriteLine(outputValue);//Prints 0001 as well

Answered by Denys Wessels

Solution #4

You can use:

int x = 1;

Answered by Yodan Tauber

Solution #5

String interpolation in C# 6.0 style

int i = 1;
var str1 = $"{i:D4}";
var str2 = $"{i:0000}";

Answered by Dr Blowhard

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