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How can I install a.whl file in a Python package?


I’m having problems installing a Python package on Windows, and I’d like to use Christoph Gohlke’s Window binaries to do it. (Which, in my experience, made many other package installations go much more smoothly.) Only.whl files, however, are available.

But how can I get.whl files to work?

Asked by e9t

Solution #1

I simply used the following, which was really straightforward. Open a console and then cd to the directory where you got your file, such as some-package. usage and whl

pip install some-package.whl

If pip.exe isn’t found, look in the “Scripts” directory where python was installed. This website can assist you if pip is not installed: How can I get pip to work on Windows?

Note: for the sake of clarity If you copy the *.whl file to your local drive (ex. C:\some-dir\some-file.whl) use the following command line parameters —

pip install C:/some-dir/some-file.whl

Answered by kpierce8

Solution #2

To begin, make sure pip is up to current in order to allow wheel support:

pip install --upgrade pip

Then, if you want to install from the wheel, point it to the location where the wheel was downloaded. To install package name.wh, for example

pip install --use-wheel --no-index --find-links=/where/its/downloaded package_name

Answered by Burhan Khalid

Solution #3

There are several file versions on the great Christoph Gohlke’s site.

When installing wheels from this site, I’ve found it’s vital to first run this from the Python console:

import pip

so that you can figure out which version of Windows to install on your PC Choosing the incorrect version may cause the package to fail to install (particularly if you don’t use the correct CPython tag, such as cp27).

Answered by elachell

Solution #4

I’m in the same boat as the original poster.

Using a Windows command prompt, navigate to the following directory:

pip install wheel

seemed to work.

When I change the directory to where the whl was, it just says ‘pip is not recognized.’ It states Requirement’scikit image-…-win32.whl’ seems like a filename, but the filename does not exist when returning to C:Python34Scripts> and using the entire command above to provide the ‘where/its/downloaded’ location.

So I put a copy of the.whl in Python34/Scripts, ran the same command again (with the —find-links= set to the other folder), and it worked this time.

Answered by Patrick

Solution #5

On my PC, you must execute pip.exe from the command prompt. Install numpy C:/Python27/Scripts/pip2.exe

Answered by Steel

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