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How can I get tcpdump to write to a file and output the necessary data to standard output?


As the packets are collected, I want tcpdump to write raw packet data to a file and also display packet analysis in standard output (by analysis I mean the lines it displays normally when -w is missing). Could someone possibly explain how to do this?

Asked by user2565010

Solution #1

Here’s a clever technique to accomplish your goal:

tcpdump -w - | tee somefile | tcpdump -r -

What it does:

Answered by cnicutar

Solution #2

The —print option has been available since tcpdump 4.9.3 4.99.0:

tcpdump -w somefile --print
Wednesday, December 30, 2020, by, denis and fxl.
  Summary for 4.99.0 tcpdump release
    User interface:
      Add --print, to cause packet printing even with -w.

Answered by ysdx

Solution #3

tcpdump ${ARGS} &
tcpdump ${ARGS} -w ${filename}
kill $PID

Answered by Trevor Boyd Smith

Solution #4

Consider the following option if you don’t want to run tcpdump twice:

sudo tcpdump port 80 -w $(tty) | tee /tmp/output.txt

You could use $TTY instead of $(tty) from the interactive command prompt, but the former would not be set in a script (though I’m not sure how often it is to execute tcpdump in a script).

The shell constructs already supply le. Maybe there’s a valid purpose for tcpdump’s design, but I’m not sure what it is.

Answered by Sridhar Sarnobat

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