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How can I find a slack team ID and a channel ID in the simplest way possible?


We’re attempting to set up deep linking in Slack according to the instructions here:

The following URL should be used to open a certain team, according to the document:

Furthermore, the following URL should be used to open a channel in a team:

My question is straightforward. Where can I locate the TEAM ID and CHANNEL ID that I require?

Asked by lfboulanger

Solution #1

Here’s the quickest way to look up slack IDs by hand.

Open the slack webpage ( and then simply open the channel. The channel ID is displayed in the browser URL:

To find a user ID, open the dev-tools console in your browser and look at the user-link in the sidebar. The HTML property “data-member-id” contains the user ID:

Alternatively, in Slack, click on the user’s name and select (2) “Show Profile.” Then enter the “…” menu and choose (3) “Copy Member-ID…” – to get your own user ID via the UI, click the Team-Logo in the top-left corner and then “Profile & Account” (this is not included in the screenshot)

Simply open your browser’s dev-tools, go to the “Console” tab, and type boot id into the console. This will provide your team’s identifier:

Answered by Philipp

Solution #2

A little different response than the others.

Whenever I wanted to just find out quickly what the relevant ids are for a specific team, I just opened the Slack web client and inspected the relevant elements. (With the help of Chrome Dev Tools)

The data-member-id attribute, whose content is the user id, is usually included in the a> element that refers to a user.

The same may be said of channels. When you look at any of the channels in the sidebar, you’ll notice that they’re all organized as li> list elements with the channel id in the class name.

For the team id, you can open the entire source of the slack web client and CTRL-F for your team_domain (e.g. myslack55 for and that should find you the team id.

It’s everything hiding in plain sight, basically. All you have to do is know where to look 😉

Answered by Wilhelm Klopp

Solution #3

As of July 2019, it appears that the team and channel ids are already visible on the web.

The team id (prefixed with “T”) is the second to last node in the screenshot, while the channel id is the last node (prefixed with “C”). Simply open Slack over the browser, go to the desired channel, and the address will change to something similar to the screenshot above.

Answered by SamuelDev

Solution #4

The answer marked correct here does not work for me, but I may have found an even easier way with test tokens.

Answered by mbb

Solution #5

As of 2017, it looks like slack made it easier to find.

The quickest approach to manually locate Team IDs is to use the following method.

Use a web browser to access your slack room. “View Source” from the right-click menu.

Also, look for Team id:

Answered by Rocky Kev

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