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Formatting with two decimal places but no rounding in C# Double – ToString()


In C#, how can I convert a Double to a String with only two decimal places?

If I use String.Format(“0:0.00 percent “, myDoubleValue), the amount gets rounded, and I just want a straight truncation. I also want the String conversion to be culturally appropriate.

Asked by kjv

Solution #1

Here’s what I use:

double x = Math.Truncate(myDoubleValue * 100) / 100;

For instance:

If you dial 50.947563 and enter the following, the following will occur:

- Math.Truncate(50.947563 * 100) / 100;
- Math.Truncate(5094.7563) / 100;
- 5094 / 100
- 50.94

Now that you have your answer trimmed, simply perform the following to format the string:

string s = string.Format("{0:N2}%", x); // No fear of rounding and takes the default number format

Answered by Kyle Rosendo

Solution #2

Thanks to.##, the numbers are rounded to two decimal places but only show up to two decimal places (removing any trailing zeros).

decimal d0 = 24.154m;
decimal d1 = 24.155m;
decimal d2 = 24.1m;
decimal d3 = 24.0m;

d0.ToString("0.##");   //24.15
d1.ToString("0.##");   //24.16 (rounded up)
d2.ToString("0.##");   //24.1  
d3.ToString("0.##");   //24

Answered by Brian Ogden

Solution #3

I recommend that you truncate first, then format:

double a = 123.4567;
double aTruncated = Math.Truncate(a * 100) / 100;
CultureInfo ci = new CultureInfo("de-DE");
string s = string.Format(ci, "{0:0.00}%", aTruncated);

Use the constant 100 to truncate two digits; use a 1 followed by as many zeros as you want after the decimal point. To alter the formatting output, use the culture name.

Answered by CesarGon

Solution #4

I make advantage of pricing. For retrieving the leading 0s, use ToString(“0.00”)

Answered by CMS

Solution #5

The most straightforward technique is to utilize numeric format strings:

double total = "43.257"

Answered by Harambe Attack Helicopter

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