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During AKS provisioning, Application Gateway: ResourceNotFound (bicep)


When we use bicep to deploy our environment with AKS and Application Gateway, we occasionally encounter the following issue during AKS provisioning:

    "status": "Failed",
    "error": {
        "code": "ResourceNotFound",
        "message": "The Resource 'Microsoft.Network/applicationGateways/xxx-agw' under resource group 'xxx-rg' was not found. For more details please go to"

The Application Gateway is created in the same bicep file as the AKS, and it is referenced in the AKS’s bicep code as follows:

    addonProfiles: {
      ingressApplicationGateway: {
        enabled: true
        config: {

Everything works when we run the bicep file again. Is this a matter of time, or did I overlook something?

Thanks, Peter

Asked by Peter Wyss

Solution #1

Wyss, Peter Could you perhaps give more source code so that I can better grasp the problem?

Thank you very much, bmoore-MSFT. Adding your suggestion as a response to assist other members of the community.

The ResourceNotFound problem could be fixed by doing the following:

Resource Not Found (dependsOn is not functioning), Resolve resource not found errors, and submit a GitHub issue at Resource Not Found (dependsOn is not working).

Answered by DeepDave-MT

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