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[closed] MongoDB GUI client (cross-platform or Linux)


The official site’s list of MongoDB GUI client programs is out of date: some clients aren’t supported, while others are strongly reliant on.NET and aren’t available for Linux. And none of them have the capacity to alter papers that have been saved (i.e. provide read-only access).

I require a graphical user interface (GUI) client that:

Is there a program that meets these criteria?

Asked by some.birdie

Solution #1

Robomongo is a MongoDB GUI client that runs on all platforms.

Update: Versions for Mac OS X and Linux (Debian/Ubuntu, RHEL/CentOS) have been released.

Robomongo has officially changed its name and introduced two products: Studio 3T and Robo 3T. Robo 3T is the new name for the old robomongo. The studio is only for professionals.

Answered by Artem

Solution #2

Umongo is a game that is available for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.

Answered by talha06

Solution #3

Try MonjaDB

This is a tool that I created for myself. On Linux, I use this program ( Eclipse ).

Answered by Kanatoko

Solution #4

Try Rock Mongo, a php-based database.

Answered by shinnc

Solution #5 its light weight mongodb client using java . As a result, it works on all operating systems, including Linux and Windows.

Answered by coder

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