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An apostrophe in HTML code


Although it appears to be straightforward, I have been unable to locate any relevant information on the internet.

What is the correct apostrophe HTML code? Is it ’’’’R

Asked by Chris J Allen

Solution #1

If you’re looking for a straight apostrophe (U+00027), you’ve come to the right place.

‘, ‘, ‘, ‘ (latest is HTLM 5 only)

Yes, if you’re looking for the curly apostrophe (U+02019), it’s there.

’ or ’

In terms of determining which one to use, the Graphic Design community has some excellent answers: What is the proper character for an apostrophe?

Answered by Recep

Solution #2

A List Apart has a useful guide about HTML characters and typography. The correct HTML entity for the apostrophe, according to that source, is ’. Use this as an example: ‘

Answered by mouviciel

Solution #3

It’s ‘.

Well, this is XML and XHTML, but it’s not defined in HTML4, so I’d use the ‘ in that instance. I admit that I was mistaken.

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Solution #4

It depends on which apostrophe you’re referring to: there are ‘, ‘, ’, and possibly a slew of more, depending on the context and the language you’re writing in. You can also write them directly into your HTML with a defined character encoding, such as UTF-8: ‘, ‘, ‘.

Answered by Bombe

Solution #5

Starting with the right single-quote, which is generally used as an apostrophe, a standard-compliant, easy-to-remember set of html quotes:

Answered by Joe Hansen

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