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Access to the path is denied, therefore you can’t copy the file.


The application functions properly. However, after making some changes, I’m receiving the following problem when I try to build:

Is there anyone who knows why this is happening?

Edit I can see that my entire project source code folder is Read-only, and I am not able to remove the read-only property.

First and foremost, could someone please tell me how to remove the Read-only property from this folder? I tried to remove it, but the read-only property still exists. I tried it from the version-control side as well, but it didn’t work.

Asked by ricky

Solution #1

I was able to resolve this issue by eliminating the disputed files from the bin folder and reloading the project.

Answered by DiligentKarma

Solution #2

Simply make sure the folder isn’t read-only and reinstall the solution.

Answered by Wahid Bitar

Solution #3

This is how I fixed the problem: Rebuild your solution by closing Visual Studio, opening it again, and loading the solution. Using TFS and Visual Studio 2010, I had a difficulty.

Answered by jordenysp

Solution #4

Rebuild after killing the VBCSCompiler.exe process.

Answered by MuriloKunze

Solution #5

I, too, was confronted with this issue.

Check to see if your bin and obj folders have been mapped to the Source Control application.

This may result in your files being converted from binaries directories to read-only archives, preventing Visual Studio from overwriting them when compiling the code.

Remove the mapping from these folders, double-check your work, and try again.

TFS (Team Foundation Server) and Visual Studio 2010 were used to solve my problem.

I hope this information is useful to someone.

Answered by Heitor Corrêa

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